Success Stories

Testimonials from people we’ve helped.

Your success is our success, and there’s nothing better than a happy outcome. The stories below are from real clients. Hear what they have to say about working with CNHS.

The Andestic Family Improves Their Home
“NeighborWorks Home Partners made renovating our home very easy.”

Betty Pharr Relocates to Minnesota
“NeighborWorks Home Partners was a tremendous help and a wealth of knowledge during my relocation to Minnesota to be closer to my family.”

The Fiebich Family Makes it Happen
“We didn’t think we would qualify for assistance, but amazingly NeighborWorks Home Partners was able to find us both a low interest home improvement loan and matching grant funding.”

Hang and Mao Lee Make the Home Stretch
“NeighborWorks Home Partners’s Home Stretch Workshop helped my wife and I realize how important it is to have good credit, how to budget and prepare for a new home, and how to work better as a team.”

J. Elliott Harris Finances A Condo
“After two years of patiently looking, I found the right property and the right financing program—both within my budget.”

Jen Miranda Finds a Construction Loan
“I couldn’t get approved for any kind of loan or a line of credit … NeighborWorks Home Partners was able to get me a large enough loan to fix all the problems in my house.”

Kimberly J. Mathes Keeps Her Home
“NeighborWorks Home Partners was the only organization that treated me with respect and like a real person.”

Mario Montanez Covers Every Step
“NeighborWorks Home Partners covered every step of the home buying process from credit check, budgeting, and loans, to realtors, insurance and taxes.”

The Murphy-Burke Family Finds the Right Fit
“The NeighborWorks Home Partners staff never pressured us into taking out more loans and they didn’t care about profit margins like the banks.”

Natasha Gurevich is Saved from Trouble
“Even with the delays from the seller’s bank, unforeseen winterization issues, and without much help from my official agent – the process was not as stressful or scary as it could have been.”

Patrick and Peace Anigbogu Find the Perfect Home
“We were able to find the perfect house in a good neighborhood. We can afford our mortgage, pay our utilities, and still have enough to eat well and live on happily.”