Home Improvement

Get loans to fix or update your home.

We provide home improvement loans to individuals at a variety of income levels. Our loans are below market rates.

How do I get started?

The best way to find out whether our programs will meet your needs is to call. One of our lending specialists will help you determine what programs you qualify for and get you started.

Your eligibility for our programs is based on where your home is located AND your household income.  All residents of the household age 18 and older are considered when calculating income and we require verification of income via pay stubs, W-2’s, tax returns, and bank statements, and other documentation of income sources.

To learn more, email our Home Improvement team.

Do all loans need to be paid back?

Our financing products vary.  Depending on availability and your circumstances, you may be eligible for a loan that is forgivable or has deferred payments, meaning you owe nothing until you sell your home.  Or you may qualify for a payback loan at rates generally below what are offered by traditional lenders. We have funds available for a variety of income levels.

Do I qualify?

Home improvement loans generally require the homeowner to have:

  • income at or below 120% of median (currently $102,950 for a family of four)
  • reasonable credit
  • for loans that require payments, the ability to repay a loan

It is always best to contact our staff directly if you have any questions.

How does it work?

We work with homeowners on a variety of projects:  correcting mandatory rehab problems such as roofs, furnaces, and exterior painting; making a home more suitable for a family by adding bedrooms or bathrooms or accessibility modifications; or for some clients, we can assist in aesthetic home improvement projects.

From the start of your application through completion of your project, we will walk you through the entire process—from assessment to selecting a contractor and starting the project.

All home improvement loans are secured mortgages (a lien is filed with the county).  Occasionally, grant funds may be available. All work must be done by a licensed contractor.

Help—my problem must be fixed now!

In the event of an emergency—a furnace goes out, pipes burst, or some other immediate health and safety problem occurs—we’ll work with you to ensure the quickest resolution possible.

Email our Home Improvement team to learn more.


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