Natasha Gurevich is Saved from Trouble

“The experience I had with NWHP was an absolutely wonderful one! They helped me A LOT in my first homebuying transaction. NWHP made the process simple and SAFE, and stood up for me when I had a difficult time with the bank and my agent.

Even though I met competent professionals at NWHP’ first time homebuyers seminar, I unwisely signed a contract with the first agent I found on the Internet. She was only interested in her commission and got me into a lot of trouble.

Jocelyn, Brenda, and Denise from NWHP helped me through the whole sordid affair above and beyond their duties. My home inspector and all the other professionals I met through the NWHP seminar were reliable, helpful, and friendly.

So, even with the delays from the seller’s bank (my house was for short sale), unforeseen winterization issues, and without much help from my official agent – the process was not as stressful or scary as it could have been. I got through with the help of all the great people at NWHP. I would recommend this organization to ALL first time homebuyers. Thank you, NWHP.”

Natasha Gurevich