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Weddings. Anniversaries. Prom. Funerals. For generations, the white house at the corner of Dale and Charles was where people in Frogtown and beyond came to mark the special and significant occasions in their lives with flowers from the greenhouse – first Bussjager’s, then Seeger’s, and finally the Dale Street Greenhouse owned by Barb Stromer. The greenhouse was converted to office space after closing in 2006, when it had been in continuous operation as a flower shop for 110 years.

This Frogtown landmark became our home in the summer of 2017 when we consolidated our offices in this single location. We are happy to be together in a central location that is more easily accessed by a greater number of our customers. And there’s something special about doing our work from within a building first designed to be a home.

We are remembering the history of this property by naming our conference rooms after the three long-term owners and operators of the greenhouse, and we maintain the former greenhouse site as a garden that is shared with the community.

We know that this building has an important place in the nostalgic memories of Saint Paul, and are honored to continue being a site of significant life events. Becoming a homeowner can be a momentous experience – one where families put down roots and build wealth and financial security that can have impact for generations to come.

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