A house on the brink of demolition gets new life.

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The situation was dire for the little bungalow on Minnehaha Avenue. They city had issued a demolition order and time was running out. The home had more than its share of problems and was unsafe, unsanitary, and unlivable. The owner, who was living elsewhere, didn’t have the resources to make the extensive repairs and remove the excess rubbish, overgrown vegetation, and feral animals and pests living in the garage. Neighbors had been patient but were suffering the negative effects of the property’s condition.

The homeowner connected with NeighborWorks Home Partners and together we found a solution.  In an agreement that was beneficial for all of the parties, the homeowner decided to donate the house to NeighborWorks, who were able to make the necessary repairs and literally bring the house from the brink of destruction to a neighborhood gem.

The interior of the home was completely gutted. With the walls opened up, the floor plan was opened up as well to include a bright kitchen and connected dining and living room spaces.  A master suite was created on the second floor with a generously sized bathroom and walk-in closets.  Materials donated by Home Depot were used in almost every room – cabinets, flooring, light fixtures, and carpet. A unique roofing situation (blue shingles wrapped around the edges in the style of a thatched roof) was updated to a more traditional look.  Updated, energy-efficient appliances and mechanicals were installed. And teams of volunteers cleaned up the yard to clear out weeds and give neglected lilacs a long-overdue pruning.

Once complete, the home was listed for sale and purchased by a young couple just embarking on their careers as a social worker and special education teacher.  They couldn’t be happier with their new home, and eagerly tell others the tale of its salvage and restoration.

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