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Foreclosure is a harrowing process, and finding solutions can be a challenge, especially when you try to do it on your own.  One of our recent customers was able to get current on her mortgage and save her home with help from our Homeownership Advisors, Gina.

When Sasha* first contacted us, she had been struggling to pay her mortgage due to a loss in income and had been trying to work with her loan servicer to get help to catch up on her mortgage or qualify for a modification.  She had applied for the modification and was denied, and did not understand why.  The explanations offered by the servicer weren’t very helpful.

At her first appointment with Gina, they worked together to contact the servicer and found out that some of Sasha’s documents were missing. This was why she had been denied.   Sasha was surprised at how well the conversation went and the details her servicer provided.  Working with an advisor, she was able to get more information than she had on her own.

From that point on, NeighborWorks staff were the intermediary whenever Sasha had questions or needed to get information to her loan servicer. Sasha worked hard at getting the requested documents and continued to work towards catching up on her payments.

But she soon learned the modification was denied again. At this point she was behind by three months.

Gina discussed options and provided referrals to find funds to catch up on her payments. Sasha applied for Emergency Assistance with the county and was able to bring her mortgage up to date, protecting and preserving her home.

If you or someone you know is struggling to pay your mortgage, don’t wait to seek help. Our foreclosure prevention services are free, confidential, and compassionate, and can help provide clarity in a confusing and often overwhelming situation.

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*name changed to protect privacy


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