Your home has to do more for you these days. Here are some ways to make it feel a little sweeter:

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Eight Ideas to Survive a Quarantine

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This draft was put together in April of 2020. Does anything resonate with you today?

You want to limit being around others, can’t just run to the store, your kids are home and you’re trying to work.  How do make your home a sanctuary when it’s a school, daycare, office, restaurant, and more? Here are eight ideas to make your home work better for you when you’re spending more time there.

  1. Take time to tidy: with everyone at home, there’s more time to make messes.  Schedule brief breaks for the whole household to take a few minutes to put things away. Refill your coffee cup, unload a rack of the dishwasher.  Throw in a load of laundry.  Stretch your legs.
  2. Bring back your Kon-Mari habits. Keeping clutter to a minimum while help reduce visual distractions.  Bit by bit, go through your things to think about what can be shared.  Not sure if you need it? Store it out of sight for the time being.  (With donation centers closed, you may need to do this with donation items for a while.)
  3. Consider how you are using your space. Do you need to create a different work area? Or a reading nook for quiet time? How can your current furniture be moved to accommodate new needs?  Maybe a blanket fort could provide a new play space.
  4. Switch to reusables. Conserve paper products by using cloth, if you aren’t already.
  5. Bring out the board games. If your family is like mine, you’ve accumulated more games than you have time to play. Especially with kids’ schooling going online, take a little time to unplug from devices and connect with your household over a game.
  6. Chore charts can help share the work of the household.
  7. Make some simple repairs. Has there been a loose fixture, burnt-out light bulb, or squeaky hinge you’ve been meaning to get to?  Take a few minutes to tackle it.  (but do be careful with any tools or ladders – this isn’t a great time to need stitches.)
  8. Take time outside together: Set a time daily to step out on your front steps or sidewalk to connect with your neighbors (from a safe social distance.)

If it’s time for a move to a new space, or an update or remodel to where you are living now, get in touch. We can help you explore your options for home improvement financing, getting a mortgage, or getting ready to buy a home.


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