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A growing wave of scam activity is targeting homeowners and renters alike.

Right now, up to 21% of renters are at risk of eviction and the rate of delinquent mortgages has reached its highest level in 20 years. The expiration of the CDC’s national eviction moratorium is a looming threat for millions of renters in danger of losing their homes.

Facing the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners and renters are navigating financial and legal stressors regarding their housing. Many do not realize they’re also at risk of
misinformation and housing scams until it’s too late.

Scam artists are openly taking advantage of people in difficult circumstances – online, on the phone and even in person at their front doors.

They use deceptive advertising and sales pitches to scam homeowners and renters out of money and often times their homes. With COVID-19 keeping people out of work and more reliant on being home, homeowners and renters will be even more anxious about their finances and the possibility of losing their homes. Homeowners and renters may be more willing to let down their guard for a false promise of security at a time when they truly need support.

Knowledge is your best defense. Know the signs. Get the facts.

Visit to learn the signs of a scam, get the information you need to keep your home and learn where to report scams to the proper authorities.


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STOP HOME SCAMS is designed to provide you with the resources you need to protect yourself from scammers, including warning signs of a scam, common scams, reporting options and more.

NeighborWorks Home Partners has trained housing counselors and is a HUD-approved counseling agency ready to address your specific housing situation and find a solution that works for you.

If you are worried about losing your home, you should avoid any company or person who:

  • Guarantees that they will stop a foreclosure or eviction.
  • Is not your landlord or mortgage company
  • Asks for fees in advance or for personal or financial information, such as bank info or your social security number.


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