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Two workers stand in the front yard of a home and observe as a third worker operates an excavator to dig a trench for installation of a sewer line.

What to Do If Your Sewer Line Backs Up or Collapses

  A broken sewer line can feel like a nightmare for many homeowners. Since every pipe in your home drains into the main line, if it becomes damaged or collapses, your entire plumbing system is out of commission. It can be much easier to avoid a serious problem and a less costly to fix if… Read more

Wells Fargo NeighborhoodLIFT Program Helps Narrow Homeownership Gap in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Homeownership initiative expands with $7 million investment in down payment assistance for low- and moderate-income residents   MINNEAPOLIS – Oct. 15, 2020 – Homeownership rates among people of color in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn., demonstrate the highest disparity in the U.S. with a glaring 50% racial equity gap between White and Black homeowners, according… Read more

A close-up of pieces from a board game.

Making Home Sweeter in a Pandemic

Eight Ideas to Survive a Quarantine   AUTHOR’S NOTE: This draft was put together in April of 2020. Does anything resonate with you today? You want to limit being around others, can’t just run to the store, your kids are home and you’re trying to work.  How do make your home a sanctuary when it’s… Read more

A person's hands are shown holding a credit card and typing on a laptop computer.

Understanding Credit Scores

  What Should You Know About Credit Scores? Your credit score is only three numbers, but those three numbers can have a big impact in your life. Because of this, it is extremely helpful to understand what a credit score is and why it matters so much. Everyone with a credit history has a credit… Read more

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