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Here comes the flood: what to do when there’s water in all the wrong places

How to handle leaking roofs and foundations Drip… drip… drip… That sound can spark terror for homeowners at any time, but is especially concerning with current weather conditions in Minnesota. If yours is one of the many homes that developed ice dams this year, you may be at risk of water intrusion with the current… Read more

Keeping Your KonMari

Keeping Your KonMari 2019 is the year of organizing, Marie Kondo style.  The Netflix show based on her popular book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” was an instant hit after it was strategically released on New Year’s Day and the craze has led to people taking record-breaking donations to their local thrift stores while… Read more

Top Tools for New Homeowners

There’s a lot to do when buying a home: learn about the process, make a budget, get pre-qualified for a mortgage, hire a Realtor, find that perfect home. After you’ve finalized your purchase, another one of those new homeowner must-dos is building a tool kit. Whether you’re interested in doing some decorating, making some modifications… Read more

SOLD: Charles Avenue

Long vacant, soon to be a home again. The neighbors will tell you that this home was once a happy and friendly place. But it was one of many homes to fall vacant in the foreclosure crisis, transforming into a trouble spot on the block. Though it was boarded up, squatters took up residence, and… Read more

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