Homeowners in Woodbury can get help to make repairs and improvements to their homes.

This program helps homeowners make repairs that improve the value of the home and/or correct code violations. Funds are available as low-interest loans.

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Program Overview: The City of Woodbury has made down payment and closing cost assistance loans available to encourage homeownership in the City of Woodbury.  Current available dollars for loans are based upon the fund balance for any given period.​

Loan Amount: The maximum loan amount is $25,000. Minimum loan amount is $2,000.​

Interest Rate & Loan Term: The interest rate will be fixed and is below market rates, and the monthly payment will be fixed. Borrowers aged 65 or older or who are military veterans receive a discounted rate. Maximum loan term is 15 years. Loan is due upon sale, transfer of title, refinance or if the property ceases to be owner-occupied. ​

Loan Security: All loans will be secured by a mortgage in favor of the City. The loan may be secured in a subordinate lien position behind other loans. Applicant will be required to obtain title insurance on this loan for the City of Woodbury. ​

Borrower Eligibility:

  • Debt to Income Limit: Borrowers’ monthly debts cannot exceed 50% of monthly income. ​
  • Credit: Standard underwriting criteria apply. ​
  • Income Limit: Applicant total gross annual household income shall not exceed $95,000.​

Property Eligibility:

  • Owner-occupied properties located within the City of Woodbury. ​
  • Property value may not exceed $290,500.  ​
  • Single family housing units are eligible.  ​
  • Condominiums & townhouses are eligible for individual interior repairs only.  ​
  • Properties may not be within the flood plain as identified by FEMA. ​
  • Borrower’s existing first mortgage must be a prime/A-rated fixed rate mortgage loan. ​
  • The borrower’s combined mortgage debt including the Woodbury loan cannot exceed 100 percent of the property value, based on the taxable market value as determined by Washington County for the current year.  Applicants may also submit a third party appraisal that has been completed within the last 6 months.  Such an appraisal is to be obtained by the applicant at their expense.​

Eligible Improvements: Work shall include repairs, replacement, and new construction that will:​

  • Correct local or state code deficiencies, health and safety items​
  • Improve value of the home (e.g. general home remodeling, home additions, etc.)​
  • Improve handicap accessibility​
  • Reduce long-term energy costs​

Ineligible Improvements:  Recreational/luxury improvements, working capital, debt service or ​refinancing of existing debts.​


Application Process: City of Woodbury is partnering with NeighborWorks Home Partners to process the loan funds.  Please click the “Get Started” button to begin the process. Completed applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, as funds are available until all program funds are committed.  After loan approval you will be contacted for a loan closing to sign a Note and Mortgage. ​

Rehabilitation Consulting:  Woodbury consultants will be available to advise borrowers about proposed projects and conduct an optional initial home inspection. Woodbury consultants will review bid(s) for reasonableness.  ​

Loan Costs:  Washington County Recording fee, and title insurance fee will be paid by the borrower(s) and may be paid from the Woodbury loan funds.  Credit report fee will be paid by the borrower(s) at application. There is a $25 processing fee requested after the loan estimate is provided to the home owner. ​

Contractors & Permits:  Contractors must be properly licensed by the state of Minnesota when required.  Permits must be obtained when required by city code.​

Total Project Cost:  It is the borrower’s responsibility to obtain the amount of funds necessary to finance the entire cost of the work.  If the final cost exceeds the loan amount, the borrower must obtain the additional funds.  Borrower’s contribution to project cost must be paid prior to release of loan funds. ​

Work Completion:  Weather permitting, work must be completed within 120 days of loan closing.​

Disbursement Process:  Loan funds will be paid directly to the contractor for completed work.  The following items must be received before the funds can be released:​

  • Final Invoice from each contractor showing all amounts paid and due. ​
  • Lien Waiver Original from each contractor.​
  • W-9 signed by each contractor.​
  • Completion Certificate signed by each contractor and the borrower.​
  • Permits Closed. Have the inspector sign the permit card​
  • Final Inspection and approval by the Woodbury HRA.​
  • It may take up to 10 business days after receipt of above items to prepare checks.  Payment checks to contractors must be countersigned by the borrower.  Lien waivers must be provided before the funds will be released.
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