Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at my advising appointment?

Your initial appointment is a chance for you and your advisor to get to know each other and get a clear picture of your financial situation and your goals for homeownership. You will spend some time talking about these things, reviewing the financial information you provide, and then working together to start a spending and savings plan and an action plan to improve your credit. You’ll also talk about how to apply for a mortgage, how to shop for a home, and how to assemble the team of professionals that will help you with these tasks. At every step, you’ll have a chance to ask questions. Your advisor is on your side, and wants you to reach the goals you set!

What documents do I need to gather before my advising appointment?

For all appointments (with the exception of pre-purchase advising), the following are needed:

  • Income documentation: paystubs from the past 30 days, proof of other income such as pensions, SSI, benefits, or other income.
  • Two months of bank statements from all accounts, all pages including blank pages, showing your name and address.
  • Two years of your most recent Federal tax returns with all schedules (signed and dated even if filed electronically or copied), along with W2s from both years.
  • Optional but recommended: monthly bills such as utilities, trash, phone, insurance, etc.

Why do you need this information?

Your advisor will be helping you formulate a spending and savings plan and helping you find out what mortgage products are available to you. You will have a more accurate picture and timeline if we can get a complete picture of your finances.

Why do you request these documents in advance?

An advising appointment is scheduled for one hour. We have found that customers who assemble their documents ahead of time are able to use the full hour asking questions and getting the advice they want from their advisor. Customers who don’t have all of the documentation ahead of time often use their full hour gathering documents, which doesn’t leave time for the actual advising.

What is the fee for an advising appointment?

Initial appointments for pre-purchase advising are free. This includes an individual soft-pull credit report. There is also no charge for follow-up appointments, or for appointments for foreclosure intervention or refinance counseling.

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