Rehabilitating a vacant home has benefits beyond safe and affordable housing.
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NeighborWorks Home Partners’ housing development seems straightforward: fix up a vacant home and provide affordable, safe, and sustainable housing for another family.  But the benefits reach far beyond the walls of just that home. Read about our recent work at 1022 Minnehaha for just one example of how investing in one home spreads happiness to the whole community. Please give to NeighborWorks Home Partners to support this important work. Below is a list of some of the ways your investment is paid forward.

Happy Homeowners: this is at the heart of our work. We create safe, affordable, and beautiful places for people to live. The homes we rehabilitate are carefully designed to be free from major maintenance expenses for many years, so they’re friendly for new homeowner budgets.

Happy Houses: the properties we work on have often been vacant for several years and have had maintenance deferred or neglected for decades prior. But they still have a lot of life left. We shore them up and get them back into our housing supply.

Happy Environment: Rehabbing an old house is an ultimate recycling challenge. Demolitions add up to 50 tons of waste to a landfill for one typical house! Our homes are also updated with energy efficient appliances and high efficiency heating system, so their ongoing energy impact is lower.

Happy Neighbors: Living next to a problem property is no picnic, and can be harsh on a home’s property value too. When a house sits empty, it often invites dumping, criminal activity, and vermin, besides being a general eyesore. Rehabilitating a home makes the living experience a little better for the whole neighborhood.

Happy Tax Base: Communities benefit when vacant homes are repaired! A vacant building is typically using resources rather than contributing to the community. Increased police and fire calls, maintenance for lawn care and snow removal, costs for demolition, etc. all add up.  While these costs may be assessed to the previous or future owner, local governments still bear much of the expense. Creating a livable property means the home contributes in a positive way again.

The challenge we face in rehabilitating these homes is that the cost often far exceeds the sales price that keeps housing affordable for moderate-income households. That is why we turn to you for help. Your investment into our program today will support our housing development program and fill that gap. Please Give to the Max to support property transformations that build up our communities.



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